Storage and Packing

With Tansley Transport and Removals

Storage Solutions

Looking to store your belongings someplace for an amount of time…maybe before your looking to moving to your new address ? Or maybe you would like to free up some space in your home and looking at the solution short or long term of storage to do that ?

We offer various storage solutions through local companies in Matlock, Derbyshire. We collaborate with two reputable storage providers:

  1. Matlock Storage: They offer secure and convenient storage for both business and household items. With over 30 room sizes available, you can choose the space that suits your needs. The units are protected by CCTV and alarms, and you have exclusive access to your unit. They also provide contents insurance. Visit their website for more information.
  2. Storage At The Mill: They have a variety of storage unit sizes to ensure you only pay for what you need. Their units are secure, well-lit, and monitored by CCTV. You have free access six days a week, and they cater to both domestic and trade goods. They offer useful amenities for trade customers. Check out their website for details.

If you need storage beyond Matlock or prefer a different facility, we can accommodate your requirements.

Here’s The Process Of How We Can Help:

We help determine the right storage unit size through a Pre-Move Survey to save you money and avoid last minute issues. We can do this remotely if you’re over 30 miles away. Accuracy and listing items are crucial.

Once we know your unit size, we contact the local storage providers to check availability and costs. We send you this information, and you can choose your preferred facility. We’ll book your unit, and you’ll need to purchase a padlock.

You contact the chosen storage facility to confirm booking details and provide payment information.

We handle the groundwork from start to finish, making the process hassle-free for you. Our service is at no extra charge, as we aim to support our customers.

Package Solutions

Our packing service is becoming more popular with our customers as we provide you with a wide range of packing materials and our professional removal team has the know how and experience to keep your possessions whatever they may be protected. We offer a first rate packing service  in Derbyshire at great prices. So if you are moving to and from anywhere be it nationwide or locally in Derbyshire, let us take care of the packing for you as packing correctly is very important as it minimises the risk of damage to your belongings.

Tansley Transport and Removals provide a All or Part packing service for moving home. Even small one bedroom flats can easily require 30 plus packing boxes and larger homes many more. Whether its’s large or valuable items, we can supply a tailored packing service, that provides the best protection for your goods. With delicate item’s such as TV’s , Mirror’s, Pictures etc being bubble wrapped, labelled fragile and protected with thick blankets whilst in transit. Each box of belongings will be marked for the room to which it was packed for, this is done to make the process of unpacking more efficient at your new address. If you do decide to book your FULL house move with us , you will receive x3 courtesy wardrobe boxes and these can be very useful as it means you can transfer you’re clothes from your existing wardrobe to our hardy wardrobe boxes, that keep your dresses and clean pressed suits crease free. Need any more..? no problem, as you can purchase further from us at a small surcharge. You can rely on us to transport your possessions from one place to another damage free and with the peace of mind of our public liabilities / good in transit insurances.

With our full packing and unpacking services, you can leave your home just as it is and let us take care of packing everything for you, from start to finish we can take charge of the whole process from providing all the packing materials, the transportation of your belongings to your relocation address and finally unpack them too.

We Can Provide Specialist Packing Materials

We are happy to supply you with affordable packing materials, including:


Bubble Wrap

Book Boxes

File Boxes

Packing Tape

Packing Paper

TV / Mirror / Picture Boxes

Fragile Tape

Wardrobe Boxes (remember if you book a FULL House removal with us, get x3 complimentary wardrobe boxes for free!

For expert packing and storage solutions and to start your impeccable move! Call Tansley Transport and Removals 

Please note that if you choose to pack your possessions yourself, we cannot be held responsible for damages if they are not packed correctly or if improvised materials like carrier bags or old boxes are used. We carry extra medium boxes on our vehicles for your convenience, but any additional boxes will incur a small fee per box once these extras have been used.